City of Lakewood ended functions prior to collecting $450K in traffic fines (More lovely news from the Speed Trap formerly known as Lakewood Tennessee)

The former satellite City of Lakewood, dissolved and incorporated into Metro through a narrow public referendum vote in March, ceased operations with $450,000 in outstanding traffic tickets and related court costs.

As a result, lacking the pertinent government body to pay their fines, hundreds of former Lakewood citizens and others are likely driving with suspended driver’s licenses, putting offenders in line to go to jail if police pull them over.

“It’s a huge mess,” said Metro Councilman Darren Jernigan, who represents the Old Hickory-area that includes Lakewood’s former boundaries.

“There’s people driving around with suspended driver’s licenses right now, and I don’t think they know it,” he said.

“Their licenses were suspended,” Cross said. “There’s a whole group of people out there who are kind of in limbo trying to get their licenses back because they can’t go back to Lakewood to pay the fine.”


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