Sumner County Law Enforcement whining about constitutionally elected constables…

The Sumner County Emergency Services Committee invited constitutionally elected constables last month to attend its Monday meeting. Constables showed up. So did District Attorney General Ray Whitley and every head of law enforcement from Sumner County. The item was not listed on an advance agenda. After presentations and much discussion, the committee opted to defer any

County Law Director Leah Dennen stated the county had three options as to constables. One option is to do nothing; another option is to remove the constables’ law enforcement duties; and the third option is do away with the positions altogether. Constables are a constitutionally elected office governed by state statute. Dennen noted the state Attorney General had opined that, if there was a civil rights violation, the county can be held liable for actions by constables. The county has no control over constables.

“When you hear about a police officer or Sheriff’s Deputy being accused of doing something wrong, you never hear: ‘Hey, we need to abolish the Sheriff’s Office or the Chief’s Office or the police department.’ When you hear about a constable doing something wrong, the first thing you hear is about abolishing all the constables,” Cummins concluded.


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