TN Grand jury raises concern over Metro Nashville police DUI arrests

Drunk driving is a crime and a danger to everyone on the road, but now enforcement of those laws is being challenged.

A Davidson County Grand Jury has some harsh words for how drunk drivers are arrested in Nashville, and they called out a particular officer by name over his procedures and methods.

It’s unusual for a grand jury to make these kinds of comments.

The grand jury “had concerns about Officer Taylor’s methods and procedures,” and Taylor “lacked quality for determining probable cause,” according to the report.

The grand jury was dismayed that Taylor would allegedly pull people over for a minor traffic offense, like a taillight out, but wouldn’t charge him with that, only the DUI.

Another concern of the grand jury is how many times a drunk driving suspect is allowed to blow into a breathalyzer machine. Suspects are supposed to get three tries, but Grayer says Taylor presented a number of cases where he only gave them one before charging them with violating the implied consent law. In court, that means they refused the test.

The grand jury speculated Taylor wanted to hurry on to the next arrest, to keep his numbers up.


One Response to “TN Grand jury raises concern over Metro Nashville police DUI arrests”

  1. sounds like he wanted to add to his total on the “white board” at the police station.

    For those of you who don’t know what the “white board” is, it’s an unofficial tract record at the police station that officers keep among themselves, for each arrest they get so many points…the more serious the offense, the more points they get.

    A former Nashville District Attorney, who now teaches criminal law classes, told us of this “white board” in one of his classes.

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