Grand jury declines to indict Police Chief after money discovered missing

BLOUNTVILLE — A probe of the Bluff City Police Department’s evidence collection revealed $3,800 seized in 2007 is missing, but no charges can be filed.

According to Sullivan County District Attorney Barry Staubus, the grand jury heard the evidence concerning the missing funds on Wednesday and took no action.

TBI Agent Brian Pritchard discovered a total of about $3,800 missing, but he was unable to determine what happened to it.

COMMENTS ADDED: Funny to us how this always seems to be the outcome of these types of cases. When the cops are the suspects. Yet when its Joe Average who’s the suspect, law enforcement in conjunction with the DA, ALWAYS seem to get an indictment… yeah, I bet they couldn’t determine what happened to the money. We will chock this one up to “isolated incident” number 44,783…


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