Are Cops More Criminal Than Criminals?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has told us much about our forming police state, in his great monograph entitled, “America’s Police Brutality Pandemic.”

Gratuitous brutality by police invariably ends with an arrest, often based on bogus charges; and even when videoed, few officers are fired or even disciplined. Dr. Roberts wrote, “Cops cover up their own crimes by arresting their victims on false charges that are invented to justify the unprovoked police violence against citizens.” From our local city fathers to the US congress to the White House, no one has stepped forward to stop, or even slow, the increasing savagery of police officers across the country.

And even more disturbing is the fact that many Americans still justify police cruelty, no matter how unjustified; a phenomenon that’s likely to continue until such rationalizing souls are themselves senselessly beaten by mindless cops, without just cause.

The corporate media reports few of the over 800 times a week, SWAT teams break into American homes, trash them, shoot any dogs and cats they see, and under the asset forfeiture and seizure laws  steal what they want under the pretense of gathering evidence. Less than one-half of these home invasions result in felony charges. In fact, many of these SWAT assaults are at wrong addresses, with no redress for stolen property, killed pets or humans.

To “serve and protect” no longer seems to be the role of our peace officers; indeed, today such officers are even labeled as “law enforcers,” an enforcement that will be needed to force unpopular laws on the public, laws that do not have the consent of the governed. Police units in America have become an occupying military force.

Another important issue that has been largely kept out of the media, has been the pressure brought to bear on local police departments, by the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department to abandon “cognitive” entrance exams for police applicants. Cities that do not drop cognitive exams are often sued by the US Justice Department, under the pretense of “racial diversity.”

Cognitive entrance exams were based on intelligence and reasoning abilities, which tested one’s reading and writing skills. Today, many police applicants only have to scored about as well as the bottom one percent of what police applicants had to score 20 years ago to pass.

Now you’ll know why that policeman who gave you a ticket seemed as dense as a box of rocks.

Once the Cartel had enough stupid cops, they needed something to keep them agitated; and, pickling them in testosterone, caused by anabolic steroids, would do the trick. After all, don’t cops need to be bigger, badder, and brawnier than the bad guys?

But what if cops become bad guys themselves?


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