Nonexistent DOJ Studies and Hasty Meetings Win Police Pensions in Knoxville

There are many compelling statistics which are actually bullshit, but it’s a little more impressive when an easily repeatable one has fake Department of Justice research attached to it.

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When the local Fraternal Order of Police lobbied local leaders and the public for a better pension plan to benefit county deputies, members hammered on law enforcement mortality rates.They told commissioners, residents and the media that the average police officer lived to be just age 59. They said the information was based on a report by the U.S. Department of Justice. No one questioned it.

Even today, on law enforcement message boards across the country, commenters continue to cite age 59 as unadulterated fact and with little or no attribution.

The DOJ, however, says it never conducted such a study.

According to decades of research by police unions, actuaries and university professors, there are a number of conflicting reports on just how long the average officer lives.


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