Lawsuit seeks to resume Knoxville red light camera citations

The vendor providing equipment for Knoxville’s red light camera enforcement program is suing the city because it no longer issues citations for improper right turns on red.

American Traffic Solutions Inc., filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Knox County Chancery Court. ATS has a five-year contract with Knoxville that was signed in 2009.

Tennessee lawmakers enacted Public Acts 425 this year, which since July 1 has banned issuing citations for an improper right turn on red if the only evidence is a traffic camera video. While there were discussions among legislators about exempting existing contracts from the prohibition, that amendment did not make it into the final law.

Without that amendment, all cities across the state that had a contract with a red light camera vendor had to cease issuing right turn on red violations. The state attorney general in August issued an opinion stating the new law was constitutional and did not unlawfully impact existing contracts.


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