Rutherford County Probation Gives Moms Option: Jail or Birth Control

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn.- It’s a choice some new moms are forced to make in Rutherford County Court: go to jail or take mandatory birth control. It’s an effort to reduce the number of drug addicted babies being born in the county, but some women feel it’s an unfair choice that is overstepping the court’s boundaries.

The new birth control probation went into effect last month in Rutherford County. Getting pregnant isn’t a probation violation, but purposefully skipping the pill is.

But the 27 year old tells News Channel 5 she since passed every drug test, taken every class, and works two jobs to support her kids, proving, she said, that she doesn’t need probation restricting her personal life or a potential pregnancy.

“If I was to meet somebody that I got married to they wanted to have children how would that put me. I can’t have children because the state says no,” she said.

Davidson County has a similar option for mothers of drug addicted babies or those charged with aggravated neglect. It’s been in place for two years.

ADDED: With the legality of abortion, now a constitutionally protected right as defined by the 1973 US Supreme Court case  Roe v. Wade  this really gives us pause. How can the state on one hand tell you its legal to terminate a pregnancy yet on the other hand tell those on probation its a violation to not take a state mandated birth control pill…

George Orwell would be so proud…



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