“Unfit For Duty”

From David at The National Police Misconduct Statistic and Reporting Project:

Before I start I need to mention that the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, The Ledger, and the NYT Regional Media Group have collaborated on an excellent 9-part series called “Unfit for Duty” that studies the flaws in Florida state’s police disciplinary system. While it may not seem like it applies to you if you’re outside of that state, the problems this investigative report uncovers are not unique to Florida, in fact we’ve seen the same problems in a number of states. I strongly encourage everyone to read the series, already in it’s second day with reports about an officer with a history of 40 misconduct investigations who was fired and rehired 5 times. A study on how the disciplinary system has so many points of potential failure that rogue officers can often stay on the job despite criminal behavior or jump from agency to agency to avoid accountability. The series even includes a searchable database of officers in Florida state including state disciplinary reports. It’s a powerful set of case studies that should strongly encourage reforms… not just in Florida, but in other states with similar systems as well. I really cannot recommend this incredible work of investigative journalism enough. (and no, we’re not mentioned in it)




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