Humphreys grand jury hears deputy beating case

WAVERLY, TN (WSMV) -It’s the video that launched a TBI investigation. Humphreys County deputies were seen allegedly beating and tasering a man as he lay on the ground in handcuffs.

After a TBI investigation, those three deputies no longer work at the sheriff’s office, but Tuesday a grand jury is considering criminal charges against them.

A huge 12-plus hour criminal presentation centered around that beating on a cold February night.

Darrin Ring was arrested for aggravated assault and resisting arrest. Officers said he tried to take their gun, kicked officer Benji Lee and “fought like a wild bull,” according to the police report.

But when Public Defender Jake Lockert popped in the in-car camera video that went with that police report, it told an entirely different story.

“He never disobeys any command. The officer doesn’t say ‘I need to talk to you’ or ‘I need to take you into the sheriff’s department’ or ‘I need to place you under arrest’ or ‘if you would, place your hands behind your back,'” Lockert said. “He’s not told anything. The officer grabs him and throws him to the ground.”

The case moved in the opposite direction. The district attorney turned it over to the TBI and the tape ended up on Channel 4 News.

That night, the FBI opened an investigation. The FBI will take its findings to a federal grand jury early next year.


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