Sevier County officer’s gun discharge takes out store’s frozen bologna

A Sevier County Sheriff’s Department officer was recently suspended after his service weapon discharged inside a convenience store and the round lodged itself into a pack of frozen bologna.

Cpl. Chris Huskey, 40, was placed on administrative leave without pay following the incident at Dunn’s Market, 2650 Upper Middle Creek Road, in Sevierville — a popular hangout spot for officers.

Sheriff’s Capt. Michael Hodges said Huskey and Deputy Adam Bohanan, 27, were eating and sitting in an office inside the market at about 12:30 a.m. on Nov. 23 when Huskey’s gun went off.

Bohanan started a conversation about the difference in the weight of their semi-automatic service weapons.

Both of the officers carried .40-caliber pistols, Hodges said, but Huskey’s weapon had a longer barrel and a larger magazine.

Huskey removed his weapon from his holster, unloaded it and handed it to Bohanan.

“Shortly after Bohanan handed it back to him and when he went to reload, there was an accidental discharge,” Hodges said.

The .40-caliber round went through a 15-inch computer screen, continued into a nearby cooler and lodged itself in lunchmeat inside the cooler, Hodges said.


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