Gallup Poll: An overwhelming 64% of people surveyed said big government is the biggest threat to the country

We normally try to stay away from politics and as such polls, but unfortunately the police and politics are inextricably fused, its almost impossible these days. As such we have often posted about how the police are no longer tasked with protecting the public, but are now tasked with protecting government from the people.

The evidence to support this claim is overwhelming when one simply scans the headlines of the major newspapers everyday.

So when we ran across this Gallup Poll we felt it dovetailed into the wider problems we try to shed light on.

The police are part of big government, infact they exist to protect the government and its interests so much so, that once we reach any point, where the public begins creating “problems” for the government, or begins to threaten its existence. The police WILL be called in to stop it.

We say with complete faith that the police are no longer designed to protect the public, but to protect the government from the people.

This poll shows a MASSIVE slice of the public holds the opinion that the greatest threat to this country is big government, and they are correct. But we ask you to stop and think for a moment, who protects the big government?

Yup… the police do. 


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