(Do we live in a Criminal State or a Police State?) Study Suggests Nearly 1 in 3 Young People Arrested By the Age of 23

A new study in Pediatricssuggests that something like 30-41% of people are arrested by the age of 23, which to some might seem very shocking initially. But considering that the latest FBI report shows violent crimes and property crimes dropped in every region of the US yet again, it’s hard to say what this study really means, particularly since it’s self-reported arrests and it does not differentiate between crimes.


ADDED: Crime in all categories has been dropping for the last 10 years. The FBI has published findings too numerous to post here to support the claim that all crime rates are dropping, many to historic lows… yet we see two things here.

Rates of Police Misconduct and crimes committed by the police are at all time highs and now we see that a record number of young people are being arrested…

Regarding our question, “do we live in a criminal state or a police state”?

Well, we will let you answer that for yourself…


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