Detective demoted for selling knockoffs

MURFREESBORO β€” The Rutherford County District Attorney’s Office won’t prosecute a recently demoted high-ranking Murfreesboro Police detective accused of selling knockoff luxury shoes and coats while on duty.

At the conclusion of his investigation, Snider reported that he was able to confirm that Dean was selling the counterfeit items during working hours.

Dean’s supervisor later decided to demote her back to patrol and remove her from the department’s detective division for violating city police and Tennessee law concerning selling counterfeit items.

According to Cook’s report: “On several occasions, (Dean) stated that she was unsure if the boots were real or fake. On two occasions, she stated that they could be ‘knock offs’ implying these would be counterfeit boots. Because of her training and experience as an investigator, it should have been obvious that if there was any doubt to the legitimacy of this product, Sgt. Dean should have not participated with the sale of counterfeit items.”|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

ADDED: So, let’s sum it all up here… she was selling counterfeit goods, she admitted that [she] knew they were most likely counterfeit goods and she was doing this while on duty as a police officer… yet the DA won’t prosecute her for an admitted violation of TN criminal law…

I wonder if both the MPD and the DA will be as kind and easy to Joe Average when they catch him or her selling counterfeit goods?

Yeah, we don’t think so either…


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