Rutherford Co. officer demoted after alleged domestic altercation

MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) -A Rutherford County Sergeant has been demoted to Patrolman, after an incident involving his girlfriend’s estranged husband.

This is not the first time Todd Hammond has gotten in trouble; just three months ago he lied about being at his girlfriend’s home while on duty.

There is video from the Pilot Truck Stop on Church Street in Murfreesboro from Dec. 28, 2011, that shows the verbal altercation.

Nathan Cox the estranged husband of Chastity Cox, the former sergeant’s girlfriend was there to deliver a child support check.

Hammond held the door open as Cox entered, and claimed the man brushed him with his arm and cursed at him, according to an internal affairs document.

The two men walked outside and the shouting match was on.

Chastity Cox tried to keep the men apart, no punches were thrown.

Nathan Cox said he never touched Hammond as he entered the store. On the video he does come close, but it couldn’t be determined if he made contact.

Cox told an internal affairs investigator Hammond cursed at him, made threats to assault him, and approached him aggressively, baiting him to fight.


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