One set of rules for us, another set for them….

Looks like the elected officials of TN want to exempt themselves from having to take the handgun safety course everyone else must complete when applying for a TN handgun carry permit.

This would apply to those who have been a member of the Tennessee general assembly within five years prior to applying for such permit.

Its House Bill 3681


2 Responses to “One set of rules for us, another set for them….”

  1. OH for any reason you can think of just pass a bill and make it legal! That’s just another example of do what I say not as I do! They could get wanted respect and all they have to pass a bill that makes it illegal to not give that. Guess they want respect too just because of who they are. Arrogance is not strong enough language for them.

  2. We firmly believe that the state should either pass a Constitutional Carry law or apply all laws to everyone.

    If we (the people) must go the a given process to get our HCP then so should they.

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