Man Jailed By Judge Under FBI Investigation Tells Story

Greg Workman said he spent more than three agonizing days locked up in the Bradley County Jail not knowing why he was there or what was going to happen next.

“By Sunday afternoon I figured I wasn’t going anywhere until I saw the judge,” Workman said.

Workman said he came to that realization after spending more than two days in jail with no bond, no phone calls and no attorney contact — and there was nothing he could do but wait even longer.

The day before Workman was jailed Bradley County General Sessions Court Judge Sheridan Randolph signed the warrant for his arrest based on a sworn statement by Patricia Hughes. She is Workman’s ex-girlfriend, and claimed she saw him with one of Judge Randolph’s guns that was taken during a late summer burglary of the judge’s office.

So Judge Randolph got directly involved in a case where he was the victim.

Cleveland Police found no connection between Workman and the burglary of Judge Randolph’s office. Wednesday of this week, four months after the events in question, Bradley County General Sessions Court Judge Daniel Swafford signed a dismissal the theft charge against Workman, because of insufficient evidence, on the advice of District Attorney General Steve Bebb.

The T.B.I. and F.B.I. have been investigating this case. Judge Randolph continues hearing Sessions Court cases but is not commenting about these events.


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