No investigation when suspected drugs found at home of ABC director

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) -Suspected marijuana was found by three police officers at the home of the director of the state Alcoholic Beverage Commission, whose mission is to eradicate marijuana.

A Channel 4 I-Team investigation found the drugs were never seized or investigated.

An employee of the ABC, who agreed to speak with the Channel 4 I-Team if we hid his identity, said if suspected drugs were found at his house, he would expect to be arrested or at the very least, interrogated.

“I grant you, if that had happened to any of us (ABC employees), we would have been made an example of. We would have been in headlines in the papers, the news, and everywhere else,” the ABC employee said.

But none of that happened to his boss, Danielle Elks, when the suspected drugs were found at her home in October.

“Do you think this was a cover up?” asked chief investigative reporter Jeremy Finley.

“It sure appears that way,” the ABC employee said. “It stayed mighty quiet for a long period of time.”

The ABC is mostly known for cracking down on illegal activity in bars, but their agents also are responsible for marijuana eradication.


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