Knox County DA wants files on ex-Judge Baumgartner to stay sealed

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – It’s been more than a year since news first broke of the investigation into ex-Knox County Judge Richard Baumgartner. His addiction to pain pills is still sending shockwaves through the county’s legal system.

County officials still have questions about why and how it all happened while Baumgartner was in the public eye in such a crucial position.

Although a portion of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation file on Baumgartner has been released, much of it remains sealed to the public.

County commissioners planned to take up a resolution Monday asking the state Legislature and Gov. Bill Haslam for the files to be released.

However, just before the commission meeting, those plans were halted. District Attorney General Randy Nichols wrote a letter asking commission not to request for the state to unseal the files.

The district attorney general’s office says the reason the files are closed is because if they were public record, it would end TBI’s ability to investigate corruption since people would be afraid to testify.

ADDED: The little people, the serfs, don’t need to know what happened… gotta protect the state interests and all those who rule over us.


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