Murfreesboro Police Sweep Another One Under The Rug: MPD: No police brutality in Sushak incident

MURFREESBORO — After a month-long investigation, city police have found no evidence supporting a Minerva Drive man’s claim that he was brutalized by officers outside his home in January.

Joseph Sushak alleges that Murfreesboro Police officers responding to a vehicle pursuit beat him Jan. 30 outside his 718A Minerva Drive home, moments after they drew their guns on him while responding to a vehicle pursuit involving 28-year-old Bouthay Gee Soupholophakdy.

Sushak, two days after the incident, told The Daily News Journal that police approached him with guns drawn and told him to get down on the ground. He said he complied, but was then kicked and punched by officers. He said his legs were also twisted up behind him, causing severe pain.

Sushak had a black eye and his leg was in a medical brace when he spoke to The DNJ. His son showed the newspaper pictures of him hospitalized at Middle Tennessee Medical Center. His right eye was swollen shut in one photo.

Police officers who responded to the incident said Sushak resisted arrest after going to the ground, specifically that he refused to put his hands behind his back. They said they repeatedly asked him to “stop resisting.”

MPD internal affairs investigators found “no single event” during the apprehension of Mr. Sushak was the source of his injuries and added “there was no evidence to support the idea that he was kicked or punched,” they said.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

ADDED: Seriously… MPD, you should read the comments to this article on the DNJ website… no one, except the cops believe any of this. You wonder why the public is quickly losing all faith in your abilities and professionalism?

Really, look no further than this.


3 Responses to “Murfreesboro Police Sweep Another One Under The Rug: MPD: No police brutality in Sushak incident”

  1. AlgerHiss Says:

    “…they repeatedly asked him to “stop resisting.””

    This has clearly become any LEO’s first utterance in any situation: Say it loud and say it often so as to establish, for all of the recording devices to capture, some probable cause.

    Some honest, former cop admitted a trick used is to get close enough to you and then pinch or poke you to cause you to jump or startle. The pinch/poke is expertly timed with the “stop resisting” screaming.

    As for the “…failed to properly use the mobile video equipment.” “, that’s not suspicious at all. Nooooo….not at all.

    But, oddly, should YOU be doing the recording, there’s no shortage of LEO’s that get real nervous about that. Perhaps that’s because they won’t have full control of the erase/delete function.

  2. They teach cops to yell “stop fighting, stop resisting”, for two reasons.

    First, the cops believe it has a psychological impact on the “suspect” and anyone who is witnessing the assault.

    Next it makes the breathe during the fight. People who don’t train often tend to hold their breath during a physical encounter causing them to give out quickly.

    • TNrealist Says:

      Cops are taught to yell “stop resisting” when offenders are resisting. No cover up, no special story here, and when you park your car on the street (tactical positioning of your vehicle while apprehending or chasing a probable violent felon) and your video is pointing up or down the street, the video isn’t going to catch anything while the police are at a house. All you’re going to see is traffic up and down the street. Might you suggest police just drive in people’s yards and point the cameras at every public contact they make?

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