No police video or audio in Sushak incident. MPD Clears officers; man hires lawyer

MURFREESBORO — Following a month-long investigation, police officials said Friday they found no evidence of police brutality surrounding the January apprehension of a Minerva Drive man. But that conclusion wasn’t based on police video evidence — none was produced that showed the incident — and the man is pondering legal action.

Responding officers said Sushak resisted arrest after going to the ground, specifically that he refused to put his hands behind his back. They said they repeatedly asked him to “stop resisting.”

Sushak, two days after the incident, told The DNJ that police approached him with guns drawn and told him to get down on the ground. He said he complied, but was then kicked and punched by officers. He said his legs were also twisted up behind him, causing severe pain.

However, no video showing Sushak’s apprehension was recovered by police during the MPD investigation, according to a Friday MPD news release. He was kept in police custody for 40 minutes before being released.

“All available audio and video recordings from mobile video systems and police communications were reviewed to identify the chronology of events,” said MPD spokesman Kyle Evans, via news release. “As described in an addendum to the OPR report, officers in one police unit failed to properly use the mobile video equipment.”|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

ADDED: Funny how these video and audio units always seem to either malfunction or the officer(s) will forget to turn them on anytime some poor guy or gal ends up in the hospital with multiple injuries resulting from extremely questionable and excessive officer actions.

Again MPD, if you really care. And you really do wonder why so few people believe you, having lost faith in your abilities and professionalism. Then look no further than this incident, and how the public is reacting to it.



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