Man Wrongfully Arrested, Again Melvin Murray Has Been Wrongfully Arrested Three Times

ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. — If you ask around in a jail, most inmates would say police got it wrong and they’re not supposed to be there.

In Melvin Murray’s case it’s true.

Murray was arrested after a traffic stop in Boones Creek on Sunday. “He IDed everyone in the car,” Murray told News 5 Monday. “When he ran my name he said he had a warrant in Johnson County for me.”

He told the state trooper it wasn’t true. Murray says his identity was stolen 10 years ago, and the warrant was actually for the man who stole his name.

Nonetheless, he was taken to the Washington County Detention Center and then transferred to Johnson County on Sunday. “When Johnson County came to get me they had a warrant for Melvin Keener,” Murray said. “But they still took me, Melvin Murray, to jail.”

Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece, said his officers and the state trooper were acting in good faith because Melvin Murray is a known alias of the man they are looking for.

It took the real Melvin Murray nearly six hours to convince officers he’s not who they are looking for. “This guy is a foot taller, 100 pounds heavier, longer hair, brown eyes,” said Murray.

This is the third time it’s happened, and Sheriff Reece says it may not be the last. “There’s not a lot we can do,” said Reece.

ADDED: Yes indeed boys and girls… to serve and protect… but there’s not alot they can do about it and the Sheriff himself admits it will probably happen again… its somehow Mr. Murray’s fault and somehow he is responsible for fixing it, not the cops… But… its impossible for Mr. Murray to fix the problem because law enforcement is the only ones with access to the TCIC/NCIC system where the warrants are cataloged by computer for cops to run wanted checks on you.


One Response to “Man Wrongfully Arrested, Again Melvin Murray Has Been Wrongfully Arrested Three Times”

  1. Robert Murray Says:

    well, maybe I should tell all of my Murray relatives not to go out…actually, they mostly live in Sullivan county where such things would never happen….would they? one things for sure, if I ever run into legal trouble, I wont claim to be Melvin Murray. it’s hard enough being Robert Murray …

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