ABC agent: Director supports legalizing marijuana

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) -Interviews conducted by the TBI into suspected drugs found at the home of the director of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission included an ABC agent, who said his director supports legalized marijuana.

The Channel 4 I-team first exposed last week how suspected marijuana was found at the home of Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission Director Danielle Elks last October, but there was never a drug investigation.

Along with enforcing alcohol rules, the ABC also investigates marijuana.

Employees of the ABC approached the I-Team, upset about the suspected drugs and lack of investigation.

“I grant you, if that had happened to any of us, we would have been made an example of. We would have been in headlines in the papers, the news, and everywhere else,” one employee said.

Two Dickson County deputies and a THP trooper came to Elks’ home to notify her that her husband, famed musician Joel Digregorio, had died in a car crash.

According to a police summary, the front door was locked, the backdoor was open a bit and the officers went inside to make sure there wasn’t an intruder and to check on her welfare.

That’s when the deputies found the suspected marijuana and rolling papers in the kitchen, along with a sticker for the governor’s marijuana eradication task force, and pointed it out to the THP trooper.

The TBI later began investigating how the suspected marijuana discovery was handled, and conducted interviews with an ABC agent and two THP troopers who had knowledge of the suspected drugs at Elks’ house.

Those interviews were obtained by the Channel 4 I-Team, and in his interview, the ABC agent  said he initially complained to the FBI.

ADDED: Yeah, well… we can see why he supports legalization…


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