Joseph Sushak files lawsuit against the Murfreesboro Police for $3 million

MURFREESBORO, Tenn.- An MTSU graduate student who claims Murfreesboro police wrongfully roughed him up has filed a lawsuit against the city for $3 million.

In January, Murfreesboro Police mistook Joseph Sushak for a car-theft suspect they were chasing. Sushak was at his Minerva Drive home when officers came to his neighborhood, looking for a suspect who was Asian, and thirty years younger than the Nigerian-born MTSU grad.

Police statements obtained by NewsChannel 5 show the moments of confusion that lead up to mistake. One officer said the suspect description went out initially as a “black male.” During the confusion, Sushak was cuffed and roughed-up.

The civil court suit filed by Murfreesboro Attorneys Terry Fann and Ben Parsley, III, on Sushak’s behalf Thursday also alleges a pattern of abuse against civilians by Murfreesboro Police officers in general.

The four officers specifically named in the suit include Anthony Skok, Chris Woodard, Aaron Price and Matthew Roe.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE


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