Professional Liars…

“Cops lie. Most of them lie a couple of times per shift, at least.”
This assessment was offered not by an embittered critic of the police, but by Norm Stamper, former Chief of the Seattle Police Department,in his 2005 memoir Breaking Rank (page 129, to be precise). Stamper supports the use of tactical dishonesty in dealing with certain kinds of violent suspects, but he has no tolerance for the casual mendacity that is ubiquitous in the profession of law enforcement.
Police consultant and former prosecutor Val Van Brocklin offers a similarly blunt perspective. “Police lie. It’s part of their job,” she wrote Val Van Brocklin in an essay entitled “Training Cops to Lie,” which was published in the November 16, 2009 edition of the online journal

2 Responses to “Professional Liars…”

  1. AlgerHiss Says:

    Thanks to WTPF for these pieces. You, along with others like Radley Balko have really opened my eyes.

    I’m probably one of the most boring, uninspiring, invisible citizens you could imagine. Great credit score…manicured lawn…never been arrested…play by all the rules….you couldn’t find me in a crowd of seven.

    But I’ve come to learn just how utterly out of control and downright dangerous American policing has become. (No, not dangerous for the “officer”. Hell, it doesn’t even make the top ten of dangerous jobs n the US.)

    Previously, had I read of some poor slob being rousted by a rogue cop, I simply shrugged it off. Why would I possibly care about that? It doesn’t upset my life in the least. Besides, most cops are fine.


    Over the past 30 or so years, most of us have been sleeping while this little monster we call “police” has spawned into something we never thought could happen here.

    Well, I’m awake now. I vote. I go to city council meetings. I go to county commissioner meetings. I now understand how the entire country has turned into a huge New Rome, Ohio. (Look it up, you’ll be quite entertained.)

    Oh, and even though I’ll probably never have to, you can bet your last dollar I’ll be keeping it short and sweet: Am I being detained? Am I free to go? No, I do NOT consent to any search of any kind.

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    Some of the most outspoken critics of the police have never been arrested and have no criminal history.

    They came to this point by educating themselves to actual events in the world and by simply paying attention to the news media. When they report a story of police misconduct and/or corruption.

    The whole “Us vs. Them” mentality that so pollutes LE today is a direct result of actions by the cops themselves.

    They have alienated their profession to the point where law-abiding people, with no criminal history, now question everything they do.

    And whats worse is that few if any cops can see this and even fewer can be convinced of it.

    Hence it will continue to get worse…

    We started this website to be nothing more than a collection point for stories about criminal cops and judicial corruption for our state of TN.

    In hopes of presenting it as a whole. So people can see just how much of it actually goes on in this state.

    If people only see it presented as one story here, one story there… scattered about the media. It tends to have the effect that you describe. You simply shrug it off.

    But if someone can come to a single point of information collection, where every story from a round the state is presented. They can read them and see its not happening in a vacuum.

    That we do have a serious problem with our cops.

    But then again, so to does every other state in this Republic.

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