The Worlds Most Unpopular Profession?

Several of us here at WhenTennesseePigsFly, like everyone else have outside interests. Some of us are into sports, others hunting and fishing and another into financial and economics issues.

All of these things have their own little slice of the internet, where people congregate to take part in blogs or discussion forums. And on these discussion forms there is usually a place for general discussion. Where members can discuss more or less anything, with people they view as like minded individuals.

Now  keep in mind we here focus on law enforcement misconduct in the state of TN and we don’t normally push those issues on other forums. Because it is so narrowly focused, basically a local issue.

But over the past few months we have all seen something taking place on other various forums.

The explosion of folks openly talking about police misconduct from their local areas. Some of the stories are in the national news spotlight, others just local TV or Newspapers.

But one thing is clear from the responses to all these posts. Cops seem to be, generally disliked all over and by many people.

Its truly telling when a news topic on a forum dedicated to the technical aspects of Currency Trading Markets produces well over 100 respondents. All voicing complete disdain for the police and their actions.

When this was brought to my attention I launched out to see if this was a fluke. But I found that similar topics on forums dedicated to Sports, Hunting and Fishing and one dedicated to Cellphones… all held many, many, many people who responded in kind.

Its as if law enforcement is now the worlds most unpopular profession. Perhaps rightfully so…

We see comments made on our blog to stories, but if you want a better barometer of feeling towards an agency in a given news story. You need to go to the local website and read the comments posted by those reading the story on the media outlets website. Comments from people who live in that community and deal with the police force daily.

Yeah… I know, people will just say its cop haters, or folks who were arrested for this or that, who now hate the cops… but I don’t think so, and here’s why.

Outside of work we speak to friends and family all of who are law abiding people. Most have never even received a traffic ticket, muchless been arrested.

Yet all of them openly tell you they don’t trust the police, for one reason or another. Some because of a personal experience they had or were party to, which involved an unprofessional officer. Or an act of misconduct. Other say its due to the rise in incidents being reported in the news media about criminal cops. Or stories where people have suffered unjustly or were falsely accused and arrested by cops.

I think everyone should stop, pause and take note of what is happening. Especially the police.

Cops have long since held an “Us vs. Them” mentality and not surprisingly blamed it on the public. They of course blamed them for the fact the public no longer trusted them. Kinda convoluted I know… but I have spoken to more than a few cops who tried, in vain to make this point. Which is simply illogical…

Its more or less cognitive dissonance at work…  where two conflicting views are at play with the person attempting to make the point.

But without turning this into a college psychology paper, its safe to say that many in the public no longer trust the police. And its the result of the cops own actions. They have alienated themselves to the point where there really is an “Us vs. Them” factor at work here… but few if any will ever admit they are the ones who created it.

Spend some time on your favorite forums, in the general discussion areas and watch some of the topics which focus on the police. More than likely it will result in the same thing we are pointing out.

People simply no longer trust their police.


4 Responses to “The Worlds Most Unpopular Profession?”

  1. His wife Says:

    It’s not just the Police themselves it’s the whole Judicial system in some small county’s in Tennessee. The Judge’s can say or do whatever they want and if you are not rich you can’t fight the lies when officers lie under oath, I watched it first hand when a Judge said It did not matter and even watched him lean back with his eyes closed and rock in his chair while someone was on the witness stand telling there side of what had happened during a so called protective sweep that if it was in a different court say Nashville it would have never went any further than that day.How can a Judge pay attention to a case with his eyes closed and rocking in his chair, How can a Lawyer present his case when the judge is not even paying attention. The officers were even caught trying to go into the judges chambers before the hearing by the defense lawyer, The DA came into the court room in front of the entire court and waved the DTF to go back there. Everyone saw it and then when they came out the Judge ordered that before the hearing starts they take a 1.5 hr lunch break , How convenient is that for the DA ,Judge and DTF to have a good ole chat to get there story’s straight. still there were lies. I’m not saying what the person done was right but 2 wrongs don’t make a right either!!!

  2. The more people wake up and begin to pay attention to the travesty that has become our “criminal justice system”… the more likely we are to change it.

    The system is broken…

  3. His wife Says:

    Your exactly right, But if you speak up then you are black balled and get marked by the Police and every time you turn around they are going to be pulling you over and harrassing you because you marked one of there own. The Judge even called the Judicial System a Business, When did Justice become a Business??? I have transcripts of the hearing and the Lawyers are scared to even go against them due to being black balled for standing up to them, So any case after that they will be shunned.And if you know someone in this small town you get less time for the same crime or even worse crimes. I wish someone in the media would stand up and read all the paperwork I have on My Husbands case, He was railroaded from the beginning, Entering a persons home for a so called protective sweep and not applying the Knock and announce, they was in the back yard when he came out the door and ask what they was doing, All which were in plain clothes and in a pick up truck, On the Stand they said it was a small yard, When did a 1 acre lot become small??? I would love to find out how to speak up for the next person they try and railroad, My Husband took a plea due to them threatening with 30 years and when they get to pick the jury how do you have a fighting chance?

  4. Its not just the public that feels the brunt of police retaliation.

    We can tell you from our own experiences, those who endure the worst forms of retaliations by the police. Are other cops who speak out against misconduct or those who try to do something about it.

    They typically end up losing their jobs, their careers and in many cases their POST certifications for their actions.

    Law enforcement is a bit like the mafia, they go to great lengths to protect their own and ensure their criminal racket continues.

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