Humphreys Co. deputies facing new beating accusations

WAVERLY, TN (WSMV) -A local county law enforcement agency, already facing federal indictment, may have another black eye. Once again it involves a Humphreys County sheriff’s deputy beating an unarmed man.

But this time, the accused deputy wasn’t even in his own jurisdiction. He was in another county.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is looking into the accusations after a tow truck driver named Glenn Capps says he was getting cigarettes at the Pilot station in Humphreys County.

Capps was then followed by Humphreys County deputies who said Capps was suspicious. He was followed all the way to Hickman County, where Capps was inside the Barnett’s Wrecker Service building.

Then, according to Capps, he told the officers to go away and that they had no jurisdiction. The officers then entered the building.

Now, Capps’ nose is broken, and he is charged with resisting arrest and driving on an expired license.

“With no probable cause, his face was smashed into a car and the building searched. All without a warrant and all outside of Humphreys County,” said 23rd District Public Defender Jake Lockert.

Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis fired one of the officers and suspended the other after he looked at the high quality surveillance tape at Barnett’s.


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