Former deputy’s decertification is no longer sought

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office withdrew its request to have a former deputy decertified by the state agency responsible for developing and enforcing standards and training for police officers.

Maj. Jim Hodgson with the BCSO Administration Bureau wrote a letter to the Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission on Tuesday stating, “Upon further consideration in the matter of William Dallas Longwith and on behalf of Sheriff Jim Ruth, I wish to withdraw the request to have him decertified as a law enforcement officer.”

Longwith said Wednesday the sheriff’s actions were embarrassing and caused unnecessary stress on him and his family.

“Sheriff Ruth has been untruthful throughout this process and knows I have done nothing wrong,” Longwith said. “That is the reason he withdrew the decertification request.”

Longwith was fired from the Sheriff’s Office Jan. 4, based on complaints he allegedly wore boxer shorts (underwear) outside his home in August 2011 and again in December 2011.

The decertification hearing had been scheduled for this afternoon in Nashville.

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