Just a Pet Peeve…

The Monterey TN Police Dept held a grand opening for a new building. During the ceremony the National Anthem was played.

Those in attendance took part… everyone except the cops.

Notice in this picture everyone, including a member of the US Army is rendering proper respect and conduct as defined by Title 36, Chapter 3 of the US Code for playing of our National Anthem.

Everyone that is except the cops in this picture…

There are three we can count and all three are simply standing there looking bored.

Sad, truly sad…

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2 Responses to “Just a Pet Peeve…”

  1. Typical! If cops don’t respect the constitution then why would you expect them to show proper respect for our national anthem, the pledge of allegiance or our flag?

  2. Clevelander Says:

    In the U.S. Army it is against regulation to salute while carrying a loaded sidearm. That is so that Peace Officer can maintain control of his weapon should some terrorist decide to try to take the proud citizens lives during the National Anthem. A little research is in order

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