Cookeville THP Captain Demoted After Investigation

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- A Tennessee Highway Patrol Captain has been demoted following an investigation and disciplinary report.

Officials from THP said David Allred was demoted from Captain to Lieutenant of the agency’s Cookeville District.

“We have high expectations for all of our personnel and especially our District Captains,” Colonel Trott said. “David is a good person. He unfortunately used poor judgment in neglecting to notify the chain of command of this incident in a timely manner and follow our policies.”

THP did not reveal details about the case Allred was involved in, only releasing that he and another officer, Sergeant Kevin Norris, violated the department’s policies in regards to another officer, Trooper Jonathan Reed.

The District Attorney’s Office was also reviewing the case.


2 Responses to “Cookeville THP Captain Demoted After Investigation”

  1. Jon Smiff Says:

    Reed was involved in a crash last month….. coincidence?

  2. Jon Smiff = Dumb Says:

    Since the story says this was directly related to Trooper Reed’s accident March 27th I doubt it is coincidence. Do you not understand the meaning of coincidence? Here it is: co·in·ci·dence, noun, a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance: Our meeting in Venice was pure coincidence.

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