No Good Cops Go Unpunished When They Stop a Beatdown

Whenever I read a news report about policeassaulting a homeless guy or unleashing a stream of pepper spray on peaceful protesters, I always wonder where the good cops are. I mean, we’re constantly assured that most police officers are good cops, and that their reputation is being besmirched by a few bad apples. So why aren’t those good cops busy tasering their off-base colleagues? Or at least giving them a good thumping?

The answer, it appears is “Regina Tasca.” She’s a Bogota, New Jersey, police officer who responded to a medical call to transport an emotionally disturbed young man to the hospital. As per protocol, she called for backup. Two officers from Ridgefield arrived on the scene, and proceeded to whomp on Kyle, the guy they were supposedly helping.

You know what comes next, right? Yeah. After physically intervening against two violent colleagues-in-blue, Tasca’a job is at stake. She faces a departmental trial on charges that she’s “psychologically unfit” to be a police officer.

ADDED: This article details events that occurred in New Jersey, but its very relevant here in TN and every other state in the country. People ask where are all the good cops, why don’t they arrest the bad ones who break the law. Well the answer is simple… the good ones are either all gone or fear for their jobs, their freedoms and their safety. Here at WhenTennesseePigsFly, we know several good cops who lost their jobs after doing the right thing. One of them referred to it as his ” Career Ending Move”. He told us that he knew full well, the moment he filed the criminal complaint with internal affairs.  Detailing the acts of misconduct committed by another cop, his career was over. And he was right, a few months later internal affairs went after him and forced him out. Fortunately he sued his former employer and won a settlement. But he has since long left law enforcement behind. So if you ever find yourself asking where are all the good cops… your answer is, they are all gone.

America’s Most Successful Stop Snitchin’ Campaign


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