Hearing held for fired Bluff City police officer

The city of Bluff City upheld the firing of Police Officer Billy Mark Roberts today.

Robert was terminated April 5. The city claimed that he fell asleep at work, did not perform his duties properly and missed a mandatory training exercise.

A hearing on Roberts’ termination was held at City Hall. Chief Greg DePew and Sgt. Wes Welker both testified in support of the city’s reasons for termination. Roberts represented himself at the hearing and said he had different recollections of several incidents.


ADDED: Retaliation against whistle-blowing cops is rampant in TN, this may infact be one of those cases.


2 Responses to “Hearing held for fired Bluff City police officer”

  1. This cop is not a whistleblower. If the city only knew more they wouldn’t stop at just firing this cop. Not the first police dept that got rid of him.

  2. We don’t have any personal knowledge of this case. But we do know that retaliatory actions by police departments and city/county governments against cops who file complaints of misconduct and criminals activities against officials and other cops. Often do result in the honest cops being punished and forced out.

    It happens far too often in TN.

    But as we said, we have no specific knowledge of this case.

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