Metro vehicle inspectors under fire for impersonating cops

Metro’s police chief has sent a blistering letter to the city’s transportation licensing director after vehicle inspectors allegedly used police badges, carried guns and put blue lights on their carswhile making their rounds.

“Violations of law, multiple misrepresentations, an apparent lack of accountability and a general propensity to act in a non-responsible manner have affected the credibility of your agency,” Chief Steve Anderson wrote to Brian McQuistion, director of the Metro Transportation Licensing Commission, in a four-page letter dated April 20.

Huffington Post reported on April 6 that inspectors had worn police badges, which McQuistion said they had done for 35 years under what he understood to be commissions issued by the police department.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

ADDED: I guess, the only question we have is how are these people not in jail?

Oh, wait! They are .gov employees… that’s the reason. Yeah, figures… if this were you, I or some other person, we’d all be occupying a holding cell at CJC right now…


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