Probe continues into Knox County deputy’s crash

KNOXVILLE — No charges have been filed against a Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputy who apparently ran a red light in his cruiser and slammed into another vehicle Tuesday.

Officer Charles Samuel Hammett, 28, sustained minor injuries in the 9:15 p.m. Tuesday crash, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Hammett was traveling north on Walnut Street toward Main Street when he approached the traffic light. Hammett “believed that the light was green and so he proceeded through the intersection,” according to the accident report compiled by the Sheriff’s Office.

A witness who was traveling behind the Oldsmobile said Hammett ran the red light and caused the crash.

Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Hillary Coward said the investigation into the crash is continuing.

ADDED: Quick question for you… if this were you or I, we admitted to entering the intersection, believing the light to be green. A witness traveling behind us stated we ran at the red-light and caused the crash… and there was a crash as a result of our actions…

Do any of you honestly believe the cops would not have ticketed us?

Yet, this investigation is still ongoing, and the officer has yet to be issued a ticket.

This is very common, when cops are involved in incidents, accidents and crimes… the level of investigating that the cops put into it when another cop is involved. When compared to the level of investigating they put forth when its just Joe Average is telling…

EDIT: According to WBIR he was listed as the “At Fault Driver” on the crash report, but still no charges… after 3 people were injured.


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