Update: 2 Niota Officers Accused Of Brutality

According to Niota Mayor Lois Preece, both Niota officers are suspended without pay until the case makes it’s way through court.  She says, if they are convicted, they’ll be terminated. If found not guilty, both will get their jobs back.
Two Niota police officers could soon be off the job — after the TBI says they used excessive force when arresting a man last year. Officers Donald McCarter and Jonathan Scott were booked last Friday on oppression charges.

Wesley Stewart was arrested last June for resisting arrest and eluding an officer. Those charges have been dropped.
And he says, this could have all been avoided.

Wesley Stewart takes us back to last June when he was pulled over by Niota Police.



One Response to “Update: 2 Niota Officers Accused Of Brutality”

  1. AlgerHiss Says:

    The 2000 census had the population of this “city” at 781 and the area at 2 square miles. These tiny cities having their own “police force” is not only insane, but dangerous.

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