Woman Still Waiting For Police To Identify Officer She Says Raped Her

(Memphis) The 26-year-old woman who told us she was raped by a Memphis Police Officer is still afraid to show her face.

But she is not giving up her fight to make sure her attacker is caught, “I don’t have any info. The.”

She just knows the officer offered her a lift in a Police Crime Scene van he was driving as she was walking to the store.

She said when he took her back home, he began touching her in her private areas.

A witness saw it all.

But  the 26-year-old still doesn’t have the name of the officer.

She said police met with her Wednesday to show her a photo line up, ”None of the officers even closely matched the description I gave the people.”

She  also  filed a police report, but for days couldn’t get a copy of it.

One of her  supporters wonders why.

“I think what they are doing is trying to clean things up in their area, their department because of who this individual is. They know exactly who this is and they are stalling for his purpose,” says Deborah Lowe, an advocate for the woman.



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