Police Officer Causes Traffic Accident

Nashville, Tenn. – An on-duty Berry Hill police officer ran a stop sign causing an accident.

It happened shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday morning when an officer ran a stop sign at Larmon Avenue hitting a pick-up truck on Berry Road.

The driver of the truck was not seriously injured and initially denied treatment at the scene. When officers determined the driver of the truck was driving under the influence, he asked to be taken to the hospital.

Both the driver and the police officer were taken to Southern Hills Medical Center with minor injuries.

The Berry Hill Police Department could not confirm whether or not the driver of the pick-up truck had been charged with driving under the influence.

The accident is still under investigation.


ADDED: Notice how the cop is the at fault driver here. Yet his fellow cops descended onto the scene and went right after the driver of the other vehicle… and now they can’t confirm if the driver of the pick-up was charged with DUI or not? But the cop was the one who ran the stop sign causing the wreck.

Its odd how the only time the cops are meticulous and thorough when investigating such things as simple traffic accidents or DUI’s. Is when another cop is involved. In which case CSI Miami shows up with the full FBI crime lab in tow.

Charging DUI is a simple affair, they take the breath test, if its over 0.08 BAC you charge them, if the cop opts for a blood test you take them to the hospital for the blood draw. Then you take them to jail, securing the warrants by testifying to the Judicial Commissioner about the drivers physical state and the less safe acts they caused.

If they refuse any or all state required testing. You charge them with DUI and Implied Consent Violation for the refusal. happens many, many, many times each night all across this pathetic state.

Folks need to start taking notice about how “thorough” the cops are when another cop is involved. When compared to times when no cops are involved.

Make no mistake about it, it is intentional on the part of the cops. And their intentions are NOT good…


2 Responses to “Police Officer Causes Traffic Accident”

  1. J B Walters Says:

    Obviously you haved had run in with the police before must be a liberal

  2. Wrong on both accounts… would you like to try for the bonus round on Jeopardy tonight?

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