Teen kills herself while in sheriff’s custody


There are many unanswered questions after a teenage girl, in the custody of a sheriff’s department, took her own life Monday.

Mindy Llewellyn, 16, had a troubled past. In fact, she was in custody because she had run away from home. But somehow she managed to hang herself while in a county holding cell.

Llewellyn had disappeared from her Ashland City home last week, and law enforcement officials posted notices calling her an endangered runaway.

Deputies then located the Harpeth High School student Monday and brought her to the Cheatham County Courthouse.

“It seems like she should have been on suicide watch at that point,” said community member Amy Bruce.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Llewellyn was found in the holding cell and later died at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

“It seems like tragedy on top of tragedy on top of tragedy,” Bruce said.

The TBI is now investigating, and the sheriff’s office cannot comment on the case.



2 Responses to “Teen kills herself while in sheriff’s custody”

  1. Cheatham County has never been a kind, gentle neigborly understanding place and people= just a few weeks ago, a man threatening to kill himself in Kingston Springs was shot by police…. a few years ago, a mentally challenged man threatened a deputy with a stick from his front porch and was shot… In Pegram, the “good ol boys” deposed the woman mayor and have beat up on newcomers for years= “go back where you came from…” Pegram Officials have sued anyone who appealed for relief and equal services. A sad commentary on modern civilization….

  2. Sadly we no longer have police who actually protect and serve.

    They are all too quick to resort to violence as an answer to most problems they encounter while on duty.

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