Another story of a cop impersonator; this time it turns violent, victim escapes thankfully

Driver’s instinct leads to fake cop’s arrest

LEWISBURG, Tenn. -A Mid-State woman’s instinct to not pull over for what looked like a police vehicle paid off.   The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office arrested the man driving for impersonating an officer.

Investigators say Kevin Johnson attempted to pull over a number of people last weekend.  He was driving an unmarked car, using road rage tactics and shining a bright spotlight at motorists.

He was caught after an alert driver called 911 on Sunday night.

“There is a car behind me and it looks like an unmarked police car, and they are flashing a spotlight at me,” the caller is heard telling the dispatcher.

She continues, “They’re following very closely, on my tail.”

The woman stayed on the line while Johnson continued to harass her as they drove along Fayetteville Highway near Lewisburg.

“He’s right here at my window,” she continues, “he’s telling me he’s an officer of the law and that I need to pull over to the side of the road.”

Knowing he is not an officer, the dispatcher tells the woman to not pull over.

“I have no choice.  He’s following me.  Oh God, he’s fixing to run into me.  He keeps blocking me and cutting me off,” she continues.

Investigators said Johnson eventually sped off and was arrested later that night.


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