Mt. Juliet Employees Sent Illicit Texts, Picture On The Job

MT. JULIET, Tenn- Five city employees are out of a job in Mt. Juliet after hundreds of illicit text messages were discovered being sent back and forth on city phones.

The investigation began after a Mt. Juliet Police officer filed a grievance complaint about what he found on his wife’s cell phone, who is a city employee.

Turns out, his wife was not the only one using city cell phones and time at work to do things other than their job.

According to this investigation led by detectives in Mt. Juliet, 5 employees, three of them in the public works department, one in the finance department and the officer who blew the whistle it all were using their city owned cell phones and computers to send explicit pictures and texts to each other.

The report states that two employees admitted to sending photos of their genitalia with a city cell phone while having sex. Also that a female employee sent pictures of her cleavage while in the City Finance office bathroom to another employee. That male employee responded with pictures of his biceps and partially exposed penis.

Four of them resigned prior to this information becoming public, but one of them was fired on Wednesday.

ADDED: This is a rather bizarre story, because the police officer who filed the initial complaint, it turns our was doing it too…  we’ve often said the cops in this state aren’t too bright, well… here’s more evidence of that.

Honestly… what was he thinking, that he’ll get away with it because he was a cop?


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