Area court clerks see dark clouds with new license revocation law

CLINTON β€” Thousands of defendants in Tennessee owing court costs totaling in the millions from criminal cases resolved last July are on the verge of losing their driver’s licenses.

A state law calling for that mandatory license revocation was passed last year and went into effect in July.

The law states that defendants have a year to pay all of their court costs in misdemeanor and felony cases or the Department of Safety will automatically revoke their licenses.

Area court clerks have expressed varying opinions about the law but are gearing up to comply with it.

Most agree it will add another layer of record-keeping and likely clog already crowded court dockets.

ADDED: TN went on a bit of a legal full-tilt retard jihad recently passing some of the dumbest laws we’ve ever seen. And the governor gleefully signed everyone of them into law. But this one has to be in the top five dumbest… In this country people need to drive to get to work, take that ability away and you accomplish what? I guess all these morons think everyone in this state lives on a Metro Bus Line or something…

The only thing this will accomplish it to create a new “criminal class”, which is all the state is interested in anyways… this new “criminal class” will be subject to arrests for driving while suspended, jailed and their car towed. This will then allow the state to extract MORE MONEY from them over a longer period of time.

See all the bullshit about the safety of others in TN was just that… BULLSHIT. Its never been about safety or even justice. Its all about the money… fines and fees, court costs and more court costs, probations fees, reinstatement fees, etc… etc… etc… so the city/county/state can pad the general fund and the cops can go buy more SWAT gear and drones…


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