Man’s death in custody ruled a homicide by Medical Examiner but sheriff’s deputies are cleared of charges

A case summary and report from the Metro Nashville Police Department reveal more details about the death of Micheal Minick in Nashville General Hospital last May.

Minick’s mother and wife, the co-administrators of his estate, filed a lawsuit against 17 individuals and agencies last week, claiming he was beaten to death by four Davidson County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

The police report reveals that the Davidson County medical examiner determined the death to be a homicide. In a report clearing the deputies of the charge of homicide/nonnegligent manslaughter, MNPD Detective Mike Roland reported finding insufficient evidence.

“There was nothing uncovered that suggested the officers involved did anything other than use an amount of force they felt necessary to restrain Michael Minick and gain control of him to prevent him from hurting himself or others,” Roland wrote in the case summary.

ADDED: Ok folks, this probably confuses alot of you, at times it confuses us too, so don’t let that upset you too much. See its designed to do just that, confuse everyone.

Now most of you might be asking how can a person be assaulted by Sheriffs Deputies to the extent they die from their injuries. Then the Medical Examiner rules that death a homicide. And somehow the deputies are cleared of any wrong doing.

Well, its simple, really…

Theres one set of rules for you and I another for the police, elected officials, the ruling class and the uber-super rich. its call the Apartheid Criminal Justice System and its as old as the Roman Empire.

See the cops can use excessive force, beat you, taze you, even kill you, but as long as they are “following department policy”, they cannot be held liable for their individual actions. Unless their actions “shock the conscience of the court”… a legal standard which affords judges the ability to look at a case involving state agents (aka the cops); then assert their subjective views on what constitutes “shocking”. Then rule if the behavior reaches that level or not… and with todays mainstream police brutality, most judges view acts like this as, well the cops simply doing business and not brutality… hence no criminal charges.

For example, the recent case out of Seattle Washington which made it all the way to the US Supreme Court only to be denied cert. (Daman v. Brooks.)

In this case the Seattle PD stopped a pregnant woman for a traffic violation, she refused to sign the traffic ticket, so the cops proceeded to drag her out of the car, beat her and tazer her. The appeals court ruled the cops used excessive force, but they had individual immunity because the law was “unclear”…

Now, hopefully this case will be allowed a civil jury and they will see through all this policy, procedure-legaliese BS and award this family a hefty chuck of change for their suffering. But in the end, those deputies; are still out there… working as deputies.


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