Nashville Police file lawsuit against Kurdish Pride gang members…

Metro Police have filed an injunction to bar 24 suspected members of the Kurdish Pride gang from Paragon Mills Park and Providence Park and to keep them from associating with one another in a 1.43 square mile “safety zone” in South Nashville.

Mayor Karl Dean, in announcing the lawsuit, said that the gang had set up shop in an area loosely known as “Little Kurdistan,” holding organizational meetings in Paragon Mills Park. For more than two years, gang detectives and Metro attorneys identified suspected gang members, compiled the list of crimes they are suspected in and built the case, which was filed in court Tuesday. The gang members will be expected to show up to a June 29 hearing, where the city will ask Criminal Court Judge Steve Dozier to enact the injunction.

The idea of using injunctions to ban gang members from certain areas was pushed by Metro and enacted by the Tennessee Legislature in 2009 as a way to disrupt organized criminal activities. Metro began work on the case in 2010, but was delayed for two years while attorneys tried to bullet-proof the lawsuit from inevitable legal challenges.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

ADDED: An act of desperation or an act of taxpayer money fueled stupidity, take your pick…

Bottom line is, it won’t work… suing a criminal street gang… is simply wasting taxpayers money, might as well just pile up the money on the steps to CJC and set it on fire… encourage taxpayers to bring some hotdogs and marshmallows for roasting, so its not a complete waste…

Seriously, Metro can’t go after a criminal street gang, criminally? So lets go after them civilly…

Next up… the City of Nashville will sue itself for filing frivolous lawsuits…

And don’t forget the Nashville Mayor wants to raise your taxes to pay for this bullshit too…


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