I guess the cops can now beat you to death in order to keep you from hurting yourself…

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Department is making big changes after a man in custody last year broke out of his leg shackles and then died after fighting with deputies

Right after the arrest, Minick was taken to Nashville General Hospital for treatment of dehydration.

“He was just up and down. One minute cussing, next minute apologetic,” said Deputy Christopher Foster.

In a closed room on the hospital’s seventh floor, Minick’s family claims in the lawsuit, the man was beaten into a coma by four Davidson County sheriff’s deputies.

The deputies fought back and hit him with the baton. The fight ended, but deputies said they then noticed he started changing color.

He died a month later.

When the medical examiner ruled it a homicide, it became a serious internal investigation. Tapes obtained by Channel 4 News include the official police interviews and evidence that points to his death caused by asphyxiation during the fight with the four deputies.

Now, Minick’s widow and mother are filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Nashville, the Metro Police Department, sheriff’s office, the hospital and the deputies, claiming false arrest, false imprisonment, cruel and unusual punishment and inhumane treatment.

But no crime was committed, according to investigations by Metro Police, the sheriff’s department and the grand jury. They concluded that deputies used proper force in restraining a violent man in a hospital.


ADDED: Evidentally the cops can now beat you to death in order to keep you from harming yourself…


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