Police admit “We just dropped the ball” when responding to report of child neglect

Elizabethton, TN –On the night of May 16, an anonymous woman called 911 not once, but three times in a matter of just a few minutes. She reported a possible case of child neglect in the parking lot of the Food City on Broad Street in Elizabethton.

“At least one (child) is in a car seat and there is no adult out here with them,” the caller told a dispatcher. “And so did you say there’s two children in (the car)?” the dispatcher asked. “Yes,” the caller responded.

The woman gave dispatchers a detailed description of the car and even passed along the license plate number. 911 dispatched an officer to the scene, but by the time the officer arrived the driver had already taken off.

“The caller’s on the phone again, advised that the vehicle’s pulled out and is just now merging onto 19E towards Hampton,” the dispatcher told the responding officer.

With the caller now off the line too, the officer ended his response.

“You know we just dropped the ball,” Elizabethton Police Department Maj. Rusty Verran said. “We made a mistake and we want to do the right thing.”



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