Memphis Refuses To Pay For Crash Caused By Officer

(Memphis) – A Memphis man says an accident with a Memphis cop cost him the use of his vehicle and now he may lose it altogether because it’s caught up in a storage fee fiasco. Austin Oliver is an accident victim and he blames the city of Memphis for his problems.

Describing the accident Oliver said, “I was half way across the intersection right here. Next thing I know is I got hit by a squad car and knocked me completely off Whitten Road onto Raleigh LaGrange.”

Oliver was on his way to National Guard duty last August when a Memphis police officer’s squad car rammed his SUV. On the scene witnesses said officer Michael Chapman was speeding, had no blue lights or sirens on until he got into the intersection. By that time, it was too late.

“I had the right of way and the police officer didn’t. He got ticketed. I didn’t but still the city is saying it’s my fault and his fault at the same time and that’s just not the truth,” said Oliver.

MPD had his Dodge Durango towed to a private storage lot until the investigation was complete. A month later Oliver got a letter from the city attorney’s office saying it was complete. They denied his claim for damages. They determined even though the officer got the ticket, both parties shared in the responsibility in causing the accident.

Oliver filed a lawsuit in civil court last October to let a judge settle the dispute but it looks like he’s running out of time.


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