Lawsuit documents, police records conflict over events that lead to burned home

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. –Federal court records and local police reports offer conflicting accounts of the two major issues leading to the destruction of a Blountville woman’s home – and that conflict is at the heart of a $1.5 million civil lawsuit against the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office.

Was a pyrotechnic teargas grenade – one designed for outdoor use only – used in the attempt to flush a fugitive from the home at 361 Ellis Road last year?

And did law enforcement officers know for certain that the fugitive – Junior Kemper Spradlin – was actually in house when the police assault began?

In the federal court records filed in the lawsuit, police deny using a pyrotechnic teargas grenade, but said they were convinced that the 43-year-old Spradlin was hiding in his mother’s mobile home at the time.

Yet police records, the communications radio traffic and a Bristol Herald Courier inspection of the house shortly after the incident reveal that a flammable teargas grenade was used that day, and that police were unsure of whether anyone was in the house at the time.


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