Dropping Police Sweeps Leads to Quieter Beale Street

MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) – City hall is trying to find ways to get control of Beale Street. They have a number of ideas from having people pay a cover charge, to a new police precinct.

There were no major problems on Beale Street this past weekend. One reason, according to merchants, is because police decided not to sweep crowds off the streets.

Not controlling crowds may be the best way to avoid trouble.

This weekend there was a new approach. There was no street sweeping and – surprise, surprise – there were no major problems.

Kevin Kane is part owner of a Beale Street club.

“The reality is they are all probably an hour away from leaving so why cause a situation that put police in a adversarial situation with the patrons,” ne noted. Merchants are hopeful a police precinct and getting rid of those confrontational sweeps means the Beale Street brawls will go away.


ADDED: Astonishing! Who would’ve thunk it! The idea that the police were inflaming the situation… I’m shocked, just shocked…

You know there is an old saying in the legal realm, “There is no situation on earth which can’t be made worse, by the presence of the police…”


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