Do Law Enforcement Officers Have “A Code” Or A Culture Where They Overlook The Transgressions Of Other Cops Or Retired Cops?

Yes, although how it is administered and what sort of transgressions are tolerated vary in different parts of the country, and even with individuals.

The term within the industry is “professional courtesy,” (PC) and everybody tries to get it. One of the more common questions on police discussion forums is whether officers would extend professional courtesy to firefighters, dispatchers, criminal justice students, members of the military, medical personnel, friends, family, wives, sons, daughters, etc. People buy “thin blue line” stickers for their cars, associate and “friend of” memberships in the Fraternal Order of Police, state troopers’ association, sheriff’s posse, etc. all in the hopes of currying favor when they’re pulled over for a traffic violation. Do these things work? Sometimes, but not often.

ADDED: Alright boys and girls… its official, police misconduct is now an epidemic… its so bad that Forbes Magazine an investment periodical has now weighed in on it…


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