Police corruption a casualty of war on drugs

Numerous studies and reports have drawn the inescapable conclusion that the enforcement of laws against vice — including prostitution and gambling — create an environment ripe for police corruption.

But nothing in the last 40 years has created greater opportunities for the crooked cop than the seemingly endless supply of illicit drugs and the people willing to sell them.

“Drug enforcement often exposes police officers to large amounts of cash and drugs held by individuals who are not likely to complain about illegal police behaviour,” said a 1998 U.S. federal government report on drug-related corruption.

As the U.S. drug-related report noted, most dope dealers stay mum when money goes missing. “There’s no way to prove it. It’s a decorated cop versus a street criminal,”

“The war on drugs corrupts everyone and everything. It corrupted Mexico, it corrupted the United States, it’s corrupting Canada because there’s so much money and there is so much demand for drugs,”



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